Fundacja Małopolska Izba Samorządowa

We are a catalyst for cooperation between the spheres of practice and science, creating a kind of “laboratory of the future” in Poland.


4 czerwca 1989 r

35 lat temu, w słoneczną niedziele, Polki i Polacy zapoczątkowali historyczne zmiany w Europie. I

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We learn about your problems on an ongoing basis and, through our colleagues, we precisely diagnose them and apply the most effective solutions.


The MIS Foundation cooperates with a very wide range of top-class experts-practitioners who have been working for local government units in Poland for years. It is thanks to our Founders and Collaborators that we have developed a standard of training offer that will be difficult to find on the market.


Our training courses not only discuss general legal foundations, principles, etc., but also focus on practical issues (solutions, models, patterns, examples) and on those elements of the future that are considered by law-making bodies in Poland.

Senior Activity Center

We offer participation in training, courses, workshops, competitions, educational trips and walks, using our knowledge and life experience for the needs of young people and adults, having fun, learning and volunteering among peers and young people


The Local Knowledge and Education Center (LOWE) is a definition of a new role that schools can play in activating adults and the local community to develop skills that constitute the basis for lifelong learning, especially in disadvantaged areas. LOWE centers allow you to continue your education at various levels and in various fields, to set and achieve goals, and to cope with various situations.

School of the future
A model social and educational project
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design workshops, Debates/discussions, Information meetings


“Przystanek Grzegórzki” is an original project of the MIS Foundation, implemented exclusively from its own funds, as a core statutory activity. This project is participatory, integrative, educational and inclusive, strengthening the sense of local identity. Its implementation takes place in the Grzegórzki District of Krakow, where the headquarters of the MIS Foundation is located. Its impact concerns the entire District II of Krakow, i.e. Grzegórzki.

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